Unique Process

Getting Started

You wrote a book. Maybe it’s been collecting dust somewhere in your house. Been there. Maybe you tried with traditional publishers and you’ve been collecting rejection letters. Done That. Maybe you’ve checked with some of the self-publishing companies and the prices made you cry, laugh and become irate all at the same time. Saw that circus and decided not to join. Pukiyari is nothing like any of that. We are a company established by writers and artists. We’ve been there, done that, gone through all that drama only to realize we can create a better way. So we did.

Every author gets for their book:
  • Physical and digital books.
  • Professional copyediting and proofreading.
  • Professional critique and re-writing support.
  • Opportunity to learn and evolve in your writing.
  • Uniquely created art for an amazing customized cover.
  • Tailored inside pages.
  • Its own ISBN.
  • Registration in the Bowker Catalog.
  • Lowest print cost available.
  • Largest distribution.
  • Public relations support.
  • Access to professionals in the field.

Every author retains:
  • Copyright of the book.
  • Royalties and other financial gain.
  • Control over the book’s content and cover art.
  • Control over printing cost and location.
  • Control over pricing of the book.
  • Control over inventory.
  • Control over the when and how of public relations campaigns.
  • Control over marketing programs.


The manuscript may be finished but the book now needs of a group of professionals to take it to publishing ready level. First step: editing. We provide professional proofreading and copyediting, staged in four phases during which we catch every possible type of mistake, including spelling and grammar errors, and provide writing style advice to go after any problem and conflict in the writing or the content.

Once you're done writing you think everything is taken care. You’ve read your book so many times you are blind to the errors on the page and deaf to the problems screaming at you. Some of the flaws and concerns we find through proofreading and copyediting are normal stuff, some are very special. No two manuscripts are the same. As a matter of fact, most authors leave behind many fingerprints and tells that are unique to them; some leave so many we can actually say without a doubt what’s their Achilles' heel.

Every book needs a good scrub and a loving hug at the end of their journey as just words and their debut as published work. Pukiyari provides both.


Graphic Design

At Pukiyari we pride ourselves at offering customized solutions every step of the way. Our teams of graphic designers will start working with you right away to establish the look and feel for your book, inside and out. Each cover and illustration, if you want some on the inside, are custom to your book. Whether you have a specific vision of how you want your book to look or it’s an idea floating in the air, we will work with you to make something bookshelf worthy.



Thanks to technology, everything can be done online now-a-days; and so is the production of your book. Doesn’t matter where in the world are you, we’ll get you the best print-on-demand or short run printer that will dazzle with price and finished product. And yes, we can set you up with the right printer for soft cover or hard cover, black and white or color.



Pukiyari provides an individual ISBN and barcode for your book, as well as registration in the largest catalogs in the world. Distribution is handled by online channels with worldwide presence and we are constantly adding partners to our network.


We can also provide a few hours of free consultation to help you develop a public relations and marketing plan. However, if you feel the need to hire us to develop and launch a plan customized to your needs, we are here for you.

Need help with writing the book? If you are in the beginning stages, we can:
  • Set you up for our a few sessions with our writing trainers.
  • Take on the entire project by becoming your ghostwriter.
  • Help you copyedit and proofread your manuscript to send out to a traditional publisher or a literary contest.

Have an idea for an outstanding corporate book?

  • Let us take care of it. We can offer services that go from interviewing, to writing, to preparing the artwork, to publishing and distributing, to transforming your vision into a beautiful and unique story of your company.

Our Steps

1 Contact us: Send us your manuscriptWe will give you an answer in 24 hours or less.
2 Check before you start your project: We want you to feel comfortable and that all your questions are answered. So we give you a half hour consultation before starting your project. During that conversation we will help you pick the services for your project.
3 Company along the way: Once you decide to publish with Pukiyari, we will talk to help you make decisions and then will accompany you through the journey until your book is published and the efforts of the promotional team have been carried out.
4 Project work: Editing the manuscript and graphic design inside the book as well as the front and back covers. Each week you can observe the progress of your work and take decisions regarding the physical aspect.
5 Publishing: The book is printed on demand and distributed through online channels worldwide. You decide the selling price of the book and royalties you want to get. Also, you retain your rights as an author as well as royalties and account management once the book is published. You pay only for the books you want to buy at a discounted price.
6 Promotion and marketing: We accompany you a little longer, depending on the services you have chosen.