Vivian Kearney

Vivian photo

Poetry Collections: “And Yet, A Relationship in Verse” (2012), “Dance With the Red-Gold Sun” (2013), “Seeking Signs, Finding Wonders” (2014), “The Unfathomable: Holocaust and After” (2015), “On God’s River of Time” (2016), “Its Promising Branches” (2017), “Bearing Clues – Mysteries of Objects” (2017), “Voices: Spoken, Written” (2017), “Echoes and Aftershocks” (2018), “Convoluted, Memoried, Retrieved” (2018), “Look, Heart… Listen, Soul” (2019), “Our Burdened World” (2020), “Gifts of Grace” (2020), “O For The Love” (2021), “To Seek God’s Face” (2022) .

Vivian (Aviva) Kearney was born in Poland, and raised in Paris and Montreal. She is a retired teacher of French, Latin, English, Spanish and Yiddish. She worked as a substitute teacher for 11 years after she retired from teaching. She has written poems since she was 18, has published 13 books of poems entitled “Flowers of Wonder,” “Dance with the Red-Gold Sun,” “Seeking Signs, Finding Wonders,” “The Unfathomable: Holocaust and After,” “On God’s River of Time,” “Bearing Clues – Mysteries of Objects,” “Echoes and Aftershocks,” “Its Promising Branches,” “Voices: Spoken, Written,” “Convoluted, Memoried, Retrieved,” “Look, Heart… Listen, Soul,” “Our Burdened World,” and co-authored a book of poems, “And Yet, A Relationship in Verse,” with her husband, Milo Kearney. Her poems have also been published in different publications, including “Lone Stars Magazine,” “Journal of Texas Teachers of Foreign Languages,” “Voices de la Luna Magazine,” “Anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival,” “Studies in Border History,” “Interstice,” “VIA Poetry Program (Celebrating Poetry Month on the city buses of San Antonio).” Vivian read a collection of her poems for  the Christianity and Literature Conference in Brownsville, Texas. Vivian and Milo participated in several poetry groups in San Antonio, Texas, and organized the Poet Tree group.